Creator of Global Aesthetics

We will display the winning works worldwide and the winner will have the right to use the name and VI image of "PT Awards" for publicity.

The Review
Category of
Standard of
Index System

Stage 1: City Audition

More than 1,000 design works and designers will be collected worldwide. Preliminary selection will be conducted at 12 branch stations in major cities, and 100 "Creators of High-end Aesthetic " will be selected (interspace design/commercial design, etc., no limitation).

Judge Panel: Domestic Platinum Judge Panel

Date: July 21, 2021 -- November 15, 2021

Stage 2: Finals

The international judge panel will select 10 designers online. These 10 participants will become the "Top 10 Creators of Global High-end Aesthetics ", and directly enter the grand final.

In the grand final, designers will gave speeches about their works, and the judge panel will select three "Creators of Global High-end Aesthetics", as well as 10 awards such as “Interspace design award” and “Product design award”. The winners will also be invited to become the cooperative designers of OPPEIN.

Judge Panel: International judge Panel

Date: November-December 2021

This competition is open to the global designing industry. We welcome any contestants from all nations, religions, regions and nationalities.

1. People/institutions fr architectural design studio, firms and other related industries.

2. Architects/interior designers with outstanding performance and professional achievements in the field of interior design.

3. People with original design (with intellectual property rights) during 2020-2021.

4. Home decoration company/Design agency/Design studio practitioners.

(1) The designed work must be original work of the participant, with full copyright and right to use. Once found to be fake, the participant will be disqualified.

(2) All pictures should not be watermarked and do not contain identifiable information such as manufacturer.

(3) Any work that does not meet the registration requirements will be deemed invalid.

Residential category

1. Ordinary residential design (less than 144 square meters)

2. Large flat space (more than 144 square meters)

3. Villa design

Public space category

1.Commercial space (Catering, Commercial entity, Exhibition hall, Entertainment, Shop-front, Retail)

2. Entertainment space (Bookstore, Parenting, Beauty industry, Education)

3. Cultural tourism hotel (Hotel, Home stay, Health club and hotel)

Real estate category

1. Real estate projects (sales center, exhibition halls)

2. Prototype room design

Product design category

1. Full house design

2. Kitchen product design

3. Wardrobe whole house custom product design

4. Bathroom product design

5. Wooden door product design

Originality: The design scheme must be original, and without any intellectual property disputes.

Innovation: Work with foresight, novelty, originality, and the use of new technology.Also, work should be coordinated with aesthetic and modern taste.

Artistry: Work that reflects design aesthetics, artistic presentation, product style and brand value.

Humanity: Work should express cultural connotation.

Function: Design shall meet the requirements of functionality, safety and maintenance standard.

Practicability: Work with compatible space utilities, living functions, and introduce a new way of life.

Environmental protection: the design should take ecological economy, environmental protection and safety into consideration, and meets the need of sustainable development.

Humanized design: Considering the needs of special people, such as the disabled, elderly, children, etc. The work ought contains elements of practicability, safety and convenience.

Protection of intellectual property: Sufficient time will be provided for the winners to apply to apply for intellectual property protection before the results of the competition are published.

Residential category: 1. Apartment layout (20%); 2. Spatial planning (20%); 3. Soft furnishings (20%); 4. Innovative design (20%); 5. Health and environmental protection design (15%); 6. Rational application of products (5%)

Public space category:1. Full case plan (20%); 2. Support plan (20%); 3. Cultural factors (10%); 4. Economic benefits (10%); 5. Customer experience (20%); 6. Innovative design (10%); 7. Positioning service (10%

Real estate category: 1. Standard design (20%); 2. Aesthetic (20%); 3. Innovation (20%); 4. Practical (20%); 5. Sales (10%); 6. Difference (10%)

Product design category: 1. Standard appearance (20%); 2. Process property (20%); 3. Innovation (15%); 4. Functionality (15%); 5. Environmental protection (10%); 6 . Humanized design (10%); 7. Achievable and productive (10%)